Meet The Greens

Elaine Green

Elaine Green

Lead Photographer
I strive to be the best that I can be at everything I do. I work hard to improve every day to continue to provide great quality and unique and creative images for each and every one of my clients. I love to get to know my clients and what they desire from their pictures so I can sweep them off their feet with my images. I love natural light. I love warmth. I love classic timeless images. I love simple beauty. I love real emotion and unaltered moments. I love telling stories and I love love. I am blessed to have found my true passion in photography and the opportunity it provides me to capture real images that hold priceless meaning to my clients, all while working side by side with my love dove.

Jon Green

Jon Green

Lead Cinematographer
I love to tell stories through film and video, and create amazing movies based on the love and tenderness shared by our clients. I love how through video you can see the whole interaction and you can pick up even settle movements, like the squeeze of a hand out of excitement, or a deep breath taken while embracing your partner. I love to tell not only stories of love devotions at the altar, but I enjoy seeing families grow and capturing their interactions so that they can share them with their kids when they grow up, and their kids with theirs one day.  I am blessed to be sharing my life with the one whom my soul loves, and I enjoy being able to share our passion for photography and make it a special experience for others.


We are a husband-wife photography and videography team. We love what we

do and we love to be able to do it together. We believe God put us on this earth to love and

bless people, and we know He brought us together and is the one holding our marriage

together each day. We feel so blessed to be able to share our passions not only with each

other but also with you. And we can’t express the joy that comes from taking part on

capturing your life events and working together to preserve each beautiful moment.